Fuerteventura is one of the quieter and less well known Canary Islands and it lies just to the south of Lanzarote. A day trip between one and the other is perfectly feasible and can make an interesting day out, whether you are travelling from Fuerteventura to Lanzarote, or vice versa. there is a regular ferry service.

Flight times from Cork or Dublin to Fuerteventura are are in the region of 4 1/2 hours, and there are budget flights available. Fuerteventura airport is a few miles south of the island's capital Puerto Del Rosario, and a few miles north of Caleta de Fuste, in the northern half of the Fuerteventura.

The north of the island is where most of the English-speaking tourists are to be found, and the main resorts in this part of the island are Caleta de Fuste, sometimes called Costa Caleta (or just Caleta), and Corralejo. The transfer time between the airport and Coraralejo is about 40 minutes, and is about 15 minutes to Caleta. Although the airport is close to Caleta there are no night flights and so there is little disturbance from plane noise.

Fuerteventura attracts visitors that are generally interested in a quiet relaxing holiday but, of course, there are many bars and restaurants and good quality entertainment venues, along with many welcoming Irish bars around Fuerteventura's resorts.

The island is famous for its watersports. The climate is windy and this is of benefit to those who are interested in windsurfing, and to some extent surfing.

Although there is some wind most days, it is not a problem for holidaymakers, because it blows fairly consistently from a North north easterly direction, and the hotels of been built with this in mind. This means the pool areas have been built so that they provide sunshine and shelter from the wind. As Fuerteventura is hot and sunny all year round the wind is needed as it makes the heat quite comfortable, as well as making it a wonderfull destination for those that love watersports. A leg of the Kiteboarding and Windsurfing world cup is held there each year.

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